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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 12, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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give off the warmth and aroma that will delight your family with freshly baked goodness. it's never been easier to bake at home with pillsbury's baked goods. 9 news now, in hd; brought
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to you by verizonfy -- verizon fios. >> this is 9 news now. thanks for joining us tonight. first falling temperatures and freezing rain in parts of the area is making for slippery driving conditions. >> we have a winter weather advisory, pretty much for the western suburbs, lowden counties, and lets talk about when it's going to be happening. a batch of moisture is going to approach us and a lot of mistour is going to' van rate -- evaporate before it hits the ground, and it's going to cool the air further and then the moisture that does make it to the ground will freeze on contact. advisory for freezing rain kicks in at 1:00 this morning
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and goes to 10:00 this morning. we might have a couple of icy patches briefly, it's going to be mostly rain around here, but the western suburbs, that's where we're worried the most, so if you have early morning travel plans you might want to rethink your strategy. we'll talk about when it changes over to rain and how the rest of the week will be shaping up, coming up in just a few minutes. back to you, bruce. >> kim, thanks a lot. five northern virginia men under arrest in pack son -- pakistan recruited by an insurgent. pakistani authorities are searching for that figure, because it could help unravel a growing network of terrorists using the web. they contacted one of the american men on the internet and guided them once they arrived in pakistan. lindsay has been looking into this. >> reporter: one of the men
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under arrest in pakistan was allegedly contacted through you tube. terrorists are using social networking sites to recruit americans and has exposed some of their tactics. they are targeting americans, especially american muslims who are looking for an identity. >> many don't know what it means to be an american muslim. >> many times there is a struggle for understanding, what it means to be living in whatever society i'm living in and be a muslim at the same time. >> reporter: recruiters are reaching out to this generation through the web. according to the washington post, he combs through comments on you tube and looks for americans that seem to approve terrorist attacks. he found one of five men suspected of trying to join ranks with known terrorists. before traveling to pakistan he
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exchanged email. >> we have a home grown terrorist promise. you can google in a question and get a bunch of websites and don't know who they are. >> reporter: the tall back have their -- tall back -- taliban has their own website in english. he recently released this tape. >> the blood of countless american muslims is on your hand. >> reporter: it's an american based recruitment model that's proving to be successful. terrorists don't always trust the people they recruit and in this case rejected the men because they thought they may be spies for the u.s. government. bruce. dozens of suspected islamic militants stormed a jail in the philippines freeing some 31 inmates. it sparked a gun battle that left two people dead. about 30 gunmen destroyed a concrete wall to gain entry into the jail and one of the
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attackers and a jail guard will killed in the assault. there is a fake cop operating in the frederick/maryland area tonight. real police need your help to bring him in. a wrong woman was stopped this morning by a black dodge charger with a red and blue emergency light on the dash. she gave her driver's licence and registration to the man, but when she questioned what jurisdiction he worked for, he walked to his vehicle and took off. >> if you're stopped by an unmarked police vehicle, and the subject does not have a badge, a name plate, is not displaying some sort of identification to you, which identifies him as lawful police officer, you need to immediately just contact 911. >> tonight police say the fake officer is approximately 30 to 35 years old, short brown military style haircut, about 6
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feet tall, 130 pounds, and was wearing dark blue pants, black boots and a black police dog jacket, and was driving a black dodge charger. you can call 301-and the information is posted on our website, it appears few people are pleased with metro's moves to improve safety. the gm replaced top safety manager after they were blasted on capitol hill this week. are passengers feeling more confident following the shake up? >> i think it's purely cosmetic. i don't know if there are going to be any changes. i mean, d.c., bureaucracy, sort of doesn't allow for too many changes. >> it doesn't mean it's going to be safer. they don't have anybody stepping up to say this is the plan in case something bad happens. >> i believe they do want changes, but i think metro is so hurt financially that they can't afford to shut down and
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take care of the situation. >> questions on all front since that june 22nd crash that killed some 9 people. in vienna virginia santa arrived early, he hitched a ride aboard a fire engine. he was there to provide holiday cheer for the children of wounded warriors. >> any soldier leaves their family, they're in harm's way. >> reporter: april's husband todd is a first sergeant in the army. >> we're worried all the time. >> reporter: because he's seen a lot of combat. >> been to bosnia, been to iraq, was going back to afghanistan. >> reporter: todd and his family are now at walter read hospital while he recovers from injuries to his brain. >> it has his trials living in a hotel room with a three-year- old and a husband that's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: and that's why the
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easter seals, the american liegeion and the moose -- legion and the moose lodge, helping families of wounded warriors. >> we're able to help children that might not have a good christmas. >> reporter: also invited military families who have kids with special needs. >> it gives our daughter an opportunity to be among children like her. >> reporter: mike is a former navy man and his wife is serving in kuwait, while he cares for two sons. one is autistic. >> reporter: and the cries for santa were answered, and when he arrived, brought plenty of love and gifts for these very special families. the gifts received today are far more than the toys and games, say the parents. >> it's so overwhelming it's hard to put it in words. the joy, the feeling that
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people still care. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: and 9 news now. organizers say this year has been especially touch -- tough because of the economy. it's been more difficult to get gifts and donations. thousands of volunteers placed wreaths on veterans' gravesites this weekend. some people travelled hundreds of miles to decorate the graves. wreaths across america is sponsoring the event. more than 600 protestors were detained during a largely peaceful march in copenhagen. catherine brown picks up the story. >> reporter: hundreds of protestors in copenhagen battled with police saturday. across the world, tens of thousands of environmental
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activists are lending their voices to the fight against global warming. it's part of a global day of action, designed to put pressure on nova scotiaator -- negotiators at the u.n. climate conference in copenhagen. >> it's about sending a message across the world. >> reporter: security is tight in the city to protect against problems. police made hundreds of arrests. a draft of a global warming pact released saturday was criticized by several industrial countries, leaders say major developing countries need to agree to deeper cuts in greenhouse gases. scientists recommend arch -- average cuts ranges from 25 to 40% by 2020 to keep global temperature increases below 2 degrees. the u.s. is pledging far lesser cuts. >> the united states is fully in support of significant financial assistance for
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developing countries. >> reporter: president obama will join more than 100 other leaders at the conference next week to help hammer out a compromise, but he's also fighting political pressure here at home. >> if president obama has his way, the copenhagen conference will produce mandatory emissions limits that will destroy millions of american jobs and damage our economic competitiveness for decades to come. >> reporter: it's possible leaders could emerge with a firm deal. catherine brown for cbs news, watching ton. -- washington. one of three missing climbers in oregon has been found, it's not what searchers had hoped for. our lady of guadulupe. there's a winter weather advisory in effect for freezing rain for western suburbs. you can take a look. it goes all the way up into pennsylvania, so we might have slippery spots in the morning. i'll explain more when i see
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you for the main weather segment coming up.
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body of a 26-year-old male climber was found tonight on oregon's mount hood. two other climbers still missing after a day long search. two men and one woman were expected back yesterday afternoon. police say they were experienced climbers and well equipped. >> it was really cold and windy, such that every crack in your clothing, you could feel the wind piercing. survival techniques, it's try and dig a snow cave, bundle up, stay put, at night and just hope for the best.
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>> weather on the mountain is cold, icy and treacherous. police say there was a brief install -- signal from the climbers' cellphone. they called off the search for the remaining missing climbers but plan to resume at daylight on sunday. for the people to speak out and let president obama know that they are opposed this as most americans are and also to let the congress know we do not want this war funded. we want all of our troops brought home from afghanistan and iraq. an antiwar rally outside the white house today. one that wants an immediate ceasefire. demonstrators want president obama to bring all the troops home. well, today marked the annual tribute to our lady of
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guadelupe. hundreds of catholics with colorful banners marched from columbia heights to the basilica of the national shrine of immaculate inception. the financial tsunami is easing in virginia. you can read the complete story in sunday's washington examiner. freezing rain overnight for sunday morning. we're back with your forecast.
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okay some spots are going to be slippery but not everywhere. >> basically it's wet, and in the usual places that we're looking for the freezing rain to be a little bit problematic in the morning. lets take about the nuts and boats -- bolts. it's a winter weather advisory, all the counties in pink. you'll see culpeper county and then north of there is allow--
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louden county, and in pennsylvania, it is a freezing rain warning that will be in effect for them, a lot more problematic because the cold air will have a tough time moving out of the way quickly. i was talking to my husband ben, who is visiting family down in north carolina, and wow it is freezing raining over you. it's just cloudy there. a lot of this moisture will come up over us and evaporate. we're cold and we're going to be dropping dune the over-- during the overnight, these are the temperatures, so already below freezing and look at the dewpoint number, this is the next map i'm going to show you. the farther away from these temperatures, the drier the air is, so when you see documents -- dewpoints in the single digits, all that means is the air is hungry for moisture and when it comes up, it will fall into the dry air and cool the air even more.
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we're going to have a tough time warming up tomorrow morning and that's why off to the west where the air is dryer -- drier, you're going to be having the best chances for freezing rain. we'll get into the mid-40s tomorrow. here is high pressure, this is going away. it was from canada, it was dry as a bone. tomorrow morning, there's your icy situation off to our west with rain incoming throughout your morning, church services, you're headed out shopping, have the umbrella, 44 tomorrow and as we look at at least on monday, we get 52 with some sunshine. microcast is paul -- paused at 9:00, some icy areas indicated in pink, but by lunch all bright yellow. that is a heavy rain coming towards us. by 5:00 we're just cloudy and there we go. all right, 7-day forecast is up. we have that hiccup tomorrow a
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decent day monday, 52, tuesday is rainy again and after that dry and cold as we end next week. >> all right. so i guess if you're taking on the cavs -- caps. >> the goals are slowing in toronto, but for which team? the capital's defense is tested. the wizards take the paces to the final 100ths tick of that clock. those stories ahead. 9 news now flu alert, breaking news, preventive information and more. >> learn the facts and keep your family healthy.'s easy to feel like you're fading into the background. that's because bipolar depression doesn't just affect you. it can consume you.
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and now, 9 sports, with sarah walsh. the best sports in town. scoring goals is what the capitals do best. they do it more than any team in the league. the problem in tron tomorrow -- toronto tonight wasn't the fire powers. the issues who it was coming
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from. taking on the maple leaves. al ovechkin, that's his 21st of the year, capitals up 1-0. it would be tied at 2 in the second period when nicholas backsptrom, but the caps give up three goals in the third period to fall 6-3 to the maple leaves. meanwhile the wizards were hosting the pacers, trying to avoid a 4th straight loss. with 1995- five tenths of a second, brendan haywood is called for a foul, with 1-10th of a second left. the wizards lose by one, 114- 113. college hoops, they began the game in an unusual spot for
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the maryland star. he showed up late for shoot around this morning and was on the bench. gary williams benching his star against earn -- eastern kentucky. second half, though, down to 2, and draining the 3, three of his game high twenty points. georgetown and kali for the wooden classic. the big jam, he led the plays with 18. georgetown beats washington 74- 66. west virginia hosting the mountaineers, and west virginia
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wins easily. the hokey's holding on to a 2-point lead. virginia tech beats penn state 66-64. and over in fairfax, george mason hosting creiton, mason up by one, going for the win and a major steal and luke hancock would steal the victory. 75-72. a couple other area sports for you, george washingtoning -- george washington beats howson. speaking of navy, considering they're ultimately putting the lives on the line, it's hard not to root for army in navy. the brotherhood can be set aside for bragging rights. 3rd quarter, army up 3-0, but ricky dodds goes deep for a 25-
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yard touchdown. in the 4th, dobbs plunging in, 17-3 is your final and the mid- shipmen have won 8 in a row against army. >> these kids are going to protect us in afghanistan and iraq and both these teams, and i got great great respect for these young men and this is a football game. that's all it is, but there's a bigger picture and i couldn't be more proud of our young men. >> well said, coach. in recent weeks, the redskins, haven't won. they'll try and snap a three- game skid, and the skins have won just one in their last eight games. it could be a nice holiday season for mark ingram. tonight he collected a heismann trophy and could take home a national championship. he's the first member of the crimson tide to win that award
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and the third consecutive sophomore to claim it. and finally a day after tiger woods said he's taking a break, gillette will take a break from him. they said they're fazing him out in support of his need for privacy. >> hard to believe. first guy from alabama to win the heismann. >> i found that surprising. >> we're out of time. have a  camping is no fun...
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